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Work ‘Most Common Cause’ Of Stress

Mar 1, 2018

We all know that stress can impact every element of our lives, and that it’s all too easy for stress in one part of our lives to spill into others.

A survey conducted by Perk Box recently found that work is the leading cause of stress in the UK, with 59 per cent of respondents stating that they get stressed by their jobs.

What’s more, just over one-fifth (21 per cent) of UK employees revealed that they experience moderate to high levels of stress in the workplace multiple times a week.

Long hours in the office, as well as worries about their performance, were named as the leading causes of stress. Despite a growing awareness of how stress can affect people’s productivity and overall wellbeing, 45 per cent of those questioned said their employer had nothing in place to help reduce workplace stress or boost wellbeing.

If you are searching for offices to let in Liverpool it’s something you may want to be particularly mindful of, given that the city was named as the fifth most-stressful city to work in, with 55 per cent of employees here reporting high levels of workplace stress.

At the top of the list is Cardiff, where 70 per cent of workers revealed they feel very stressed on a regular basis.

Last month, research found that the UK’s businesses collectively lose £77.5 billion a year due to physical and mental ill health. Lost productivity, as well as days off because of ill health, are costing companies thousands, while also negatively impacting those workers who are struggling with health issues.


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