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Why You Should Look At Your Company Culture

Apr 13, 2018

After you’ve found the right offices to let in Portishead and set your business up in a physical sense, you need to think about your company culture and be aware of how this can have a negative impact on your employees - and therefore your bottom line.

New research from breatheHR has found that bad company culture costs the UK economy £23.6 billion a year, while 34 per cent of employees surveyed revealed that they had left a job because of a poor company culture.

CEO and founder of breatheHR Jonathan Richards explained that getting company culture right is important, not only for employee happiness, but also for productivity and in the wider economic and social sense.

“Although there are many small businesses with fantastic and inspiring cultures, over half of them still don’t value its importance - this is largely due to time constraints,” he commented.

However, he noted that the survey highlighted some simple ways to improve matters, such as by improving the quality of management, and giving staff autonomy and purpose.

A recent article for AAT Comment pointed out that many of the things you can do to improve company culture aren’t expensive.

Susy Roberts, executive coach and founder of Hunter Roberts, said that it’s about listening to people and making them feel valued. “Transparency, honesty and positive reinforcement don’t cost a thing,” she asserted.

Ms Roberts added that people should feel comfortable providing suggestions as well as good and bad feedback to their bosses, noting that this should especially be the case for small businesses where people often work across multiple roles.


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