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What Are Employees Looking For In A Workplace?

Nov 21, 2018

What makes a good workplace has changed for many employees, new research has found.

HR Director reported on a survey conducted by MHR, which revealed that the most important things to do to keep your people happy are to give them the support and flexibility they need to do their jobs.

Writing for the publication, senior business analyst and employee engagement expert at MHR Asimina Stamatiou noted that of the respondents who said they were satisfied at work, 63 per cent cited these factors as what made them feel this way.

Being able to manage their own working time and have flexible hours, as well as having a manager who is supportive and who makes time for regular meetings were among the ways in which to achieve this.

One of the major issues identified in the survey is the always on culture in the UK. Ms Stamatiou commented: “The inability to switch off is evidence of poor working practices.”

She explained that people being in the wrong jobs, outdated systems and inefficient management of workloads all mean that an increasing number of people are “forced to pick up the slack well after 5pm”.

It’s easy to see how this can also contribute to stress in the workplace. And with the TUC recently highlighting the scale of the problem, it’s clear more needs to be done.

The organisation urged managers to do more to reduce work-related stress after figures revealed that 15.4 million working days were lost in 2017/18 as a result of work-related stress, anxiety and depression.

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