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Top Five Jobs In Demand In North West

Apr 6, 2018

Top Five Jobs In Demand In North West

People hiring for businesses in offices to let in Liverpool, will be aware that there it can be difficult to find enough people to fill certain roles.

Here are the top five most in demand roles in the North West, according to a survey by Preston-based firm Clayton Recruitment.

Fork lift truck driver

Whether you work in a warehouse or store, forklift truck operators are essential for the smooth running of any business. Today they are needed in any industry that relies on stock being moved or sorted, for the business or for customers.

Sales administrators

Sales also need to be made in order to keep any business afloat. Sales administrators are often paid a commission and are essential for the growth of any business. People with a sales background are often highly sought after as they have a proven record of their ability to turn a profit.

Telesales executives

Similarly, being able to sell over the phone is just as important as being able to do it face-to-face in our increasingly digital world. This may involve the confidence to take part in cold calling.


No matter how good your staff are, any organisation can be stunted by poor management. Make sure you get good administrators into ensure that any work you are doing is done efficiently, and that your staff are productive and happy.


Both part and full time accountants are needed to keep on top of the costs of any business.


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