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Tea ‘Can Boost Creativity’

Jan 24, 2018

When you’re searching for your next offices for let in Portishead, you may want to carefully consider the size of the kitchen space, as well as the room for desks, after new research has found that drinking a cup of tea can improve creativity.

According to researchers from the School of Psychological and Cognitive Science at Peking University, consuming tea can boost both semantic and spatial creativity, Freelance UK reported.

The team here studied two groups of people, one of whom were given tea to drink and the others who received water, before being assigned a spatial creativity test and a semantic creativity test.

After just ten minutes, the tea-drinking group exhibited enhanced creativity when it came to the spatial test, compared to the water drinkers, while it took 20 minutes for a similar effect to be noted among tea drinkers while undertaking the semantic exercise.

However, the researchers noted that drinking tea didn’t appear to improve playfulness, nor did it mean that people came up with more suggestions than those who drank water.

“This result is reasonable because tea consumption leads to calmness, a moderate level of arousal and alertness, and these mental states are unrelated to playfulness,” the researchers commented.

Tea aside, businesses are increasingly recognising the need for employees to take proper breaks throughout the working day, whether that’s to make a brew or to do something during their lunch break.

The Globe and Mail recently highlighted the growing body of evidence that we should have regular and intentional breaks from work throughout the day in order to improve productivity, creativity and general wellbeing.

It could therefore be worth making sure any new office space you take has a separate area where people can eat lunch and simply relax during any breaks. 


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