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Productivity Loss Due To Ill Health ‘Costing Economy £77.5bn Annually’

Jan 19, 2018

Making sure your members of staff are happy, healthy and productive at work is a must if your business is to remain profitable… but a new report has suggested that more could be done in this regard, since an estimated £77.5 billion each year is lost because of productivity dips due to physical and mental health problems.

The 2017 Britain’s Healthiest Workplace survey, carried out by VitalityHealth, has found that employees lose on average 30.4 working days every year because of sickness and health-related underperformance in the office.

And while it may seem that people are more interested in prioritising health and wellbeing now than in the past, the report suggests this may not be the case… productivity loss and employee work impairment is up from the 27.5 days and £73 billion seen in 2016.

Director of corporate wellbeing strategy Shaun Subel commented on the results, saying: “Our data demonstrates a clear relationship - employees who make healthier lifestyle choices benefit from an additional 25 days of productive time each year compared to the least healthy employees, and also exhibit higher levels of work engagement and lower levels of stress.

“As a result, effective workplace health and wellbeing solutions can deliver tangible improvements in employee engagement and productivity, and make a significant impact on an organisation’s bottom line.”

It’s easy to invest in your employees’ health – and it shows that you both care about and value your members of staff. Encouraging them to participate in healthy activities at work and outside office hours will help to encourage social interaction and create a really positive work atmosphere… so it’s a win-win!

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