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Poor Office Environments Lower Productivity

Dec 5, 2018

If you believe the productivity of your staff has taken a dip, it might be time to start looking for new offices to let in Warrington, or at the very least revamping the space you’re currently in.

This is because a new survey has found that poor-quality offices can have an impact on people’s productivity, which is in turn costing businesses and the UK economy money.

According to FM World, which shared the research from Mace and its facilities management firm Mace Macro, workers lose an average of 2.4 hours a week due to being in an unproductive workplace.

Among the top things that make a work environment bad for productivity are disruptive colleagues, a lack of tea and coffee making facilities, too much noise and a lack of natural light.

In fact, one in five office workers believe that their environment means they lose at least two hours a week. The news provider revealed that this translates to a cost of £4 billion to the country’s economy.

Global managing director of Mace Macro Ross Abbate commented: “A well-designed workspace with the right facilities and most up-to-date technology could have a dramatic impact on the productivity levels of the company as a whole.”

He added that even small adjustments to office spaces can make a difference in terms of the productivity of staff, as well as a business’ ability to attract the best candidates for new roles.  

Of course there are things beyond the physical working environment that people are looking for to remain happy in their jobs. A study by MHR recently highlighted the importance of allowing people to manage their own working time and have some flexibility, as well as of having a supportive manager.


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