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Is Your Employer Spying on You?

Aug 23, 2018

Offices to let in Warrington are in increasingly high demand as the employment rate has gone up.

Despite this, trust has definitely not. Increasing numbers of employees are convinced their boss is spying on them with over 50 per cent saying they suspect their employer of doing so. Just 38 per cent of staff say they feel comfortable broaching the subject with their employer.

Different ways of spying on staff could include following their browsing history, tracking their location and tracking time spent away from their desk.

The data was collected by trade union Unison and comes as debates over privacy have reached fever pitch, as Google admits it is monitoring people’s location after they have turned location tracking off.

Unison general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “Employers must not use tech to control and micromanage their staff.

“New technologies should not be used to whittle away our right to privacy, even when we’re at work. Employers should discuss and agree workplace monitoring policies with their workforces – not impose them upon them.”

She added that unions can negotiate agreements that safeguard workers’ privacy “while still making sure the job gets done”, but argued that the law needs to change so that workers are better protected against excessive and intrusive surveillance by their employers, The Independent newspaper reported.

Employers can survey staff usage of technology owned by the organisation and anything that has been included in an office policy that the worker has agreed to.


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