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Office ‘Important’ For Creating Company Culture

Nov 1, 2018

When you’re looking for offices to let in Merseyside, you should be thinking about more than just the dimensions of the space you’ll be renting.

In fact, OnRec recently pointed out that the offices you work in can have a direct impact on how people perceive the company’s culture, and therefore that finding the right office space is “crucial” to your company culture.

The news provider advises anyone who’s looking for a new office to think about how they’d decorate the space, as well as broadly how they’d like it to be laid out.

“Spend at least three months preparing your move to a new office, including spending time working on the ideal office layout,” the website stated.

It’s important to consider all elements of the design, from whether you’ll be having an open-plan office or one that’s more compartmentalised, to the type of lighting you’ll install and the artwork you’ll put up on the wall.

Another thing to consider is ensuring there are places where your employees can take breaks from their work. That could be a communal breakout room where they can relax, or picking an office in an area with a scenic walking route to enable them to get out and about when they need a screen break.

To encourage interaction between teams, you could also introduce a hot-desking policy, that allows people to move around the office and have a change of scene when they need one. 

A recent survey by the Oxford Open Learning Trust found that the working environment was one of the top ten things new employees consider when deciding whether to accept a job with a business.


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