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Why Your Business Should Be Based In Liverpool

Aug 30, 2018

If you are a business owner, you will know how important it is to settle in a city where your base of operations will run efficiently. Of course, that also means that over time you will want to expand your company and look at larger offices for sale. Liverpool is one city where many companies are taking advantage of it as the place to do business from.

According to the Liverpool City Region (LCR), there are 19,200 residents who are employed in the city, which is an increase on the previous year.

Asif Hamid, the chairman of LCR Local Enterprise Partnership, commented: “This outstanding rate of growth marks a significant milestone in the development of the city region and speaks volumes about the increasing vibrancy of our economy.”

You will find that it is an encouraging sign for any business owner looking to expand, especially for attracting would-be employees from outside of the city. Speaking of attracting externally, it could be a viable option for many companies to start doing so. Insider Media reports that a scheme is moving forward to build new apartments and commercial units.

With 505 apartments that could be constructed - from one-bedroom to two-bedroom flats - it opens a way for businesses to relocate anyone who applies from outside of the city. In fact, you might find that it could appeal to any current employees in the company, especially if they are looking to move closer to where they work and reduce their daily commute time.


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