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Office Christmas Party: Yes Or No?

Dec 4, 2018

Christmas is traditionally seen as a good time to reward workers for all their hard work throughout the year, and generally that means hosting an office Christmas party.

But new research has shown that some businesses may want to reconsider whether this is the best way to say thank you to their staff. Onrec shared the findings of a survey by Perkbox, which revealed that over one-quarter of people don’t enjoy their Christmas party.

The top reason given by 34 per cent of those who don’t like the traditional festive gathering was that they don’t like socialising with their colleagues. Meanwhile, 27 per cent said that they don’t like the idea of ‘forced fun’.

When asked what they’d like to do instead, 23 per cent revealed they’d prefer to just have a meal with their immediate team.

A further seven per cent said that a night out with their team, rather than a company-wide Christmas party, would be preferable.

CMO and co-founder of Perkbox Chieu Cao told the news provider that businesses shouldn’t bin the idea of a festive gathering altogether, but instead should think about what their workers really want.

Offering individual teams a budget to spend as they wish among themselves might be a more effective way to reward staff, for instance.

“Whatever businesses chose to do to mark Christmas this year, it’s best organised as part of a year-long reward strategy that will help maintain good morale, staff retention and a sense of team,” he said.

Last month, Employee Benefits highlighted one company that had taken the Christmas party to the next level. As a reward for meeting their ambitious revenue targets, staff at Logical Sales and Resources Technical Recruitment are being taken on an all-expenses paid holiday to Thailand this month.

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