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How To Help New Mums Back To Work

May 4, 2018

Much has been written of late about the gender pay gap and inequality in the workplace. Many new mothers often find it difficult going back to work after having a baby, for a variety of reasons, and now Mum’s Enterprise has launched a new report exploring how mums feel about returning to work and what employers could do to make it a bit easier.

UKTN shared the findings of the research, which saw the organisation survey 1,000 mothers, asking them about their happiness with their working lives, both past and present, as well as looking at what jobs they went into after having children and what barriers they faced.

One of the big things that new mums in particular want is access to flexible working, with 60 per cent citing this as important.

However, 70 per cent of women said they were held back from asking for flexible working because of worries over money, while 60 per cent stated that they didn’t have the confidence to request changes to their working patterns.

Employers could therefore help any mums returning from maternity leave by being supportive of flexible working requests and letting them know that this is an option that’s open to them, the report noted.

This could all be part of a wider effort to examine your company culture - something that employers of all sizes should take seriously. Research published last month found that 34 per cent of UK workers had left jobs because of a bad company culture.

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