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Financial Benefits Most Motivating For Workers

Jul 9, 2018

There is much debate about how best to motivate employees, and a recent poll for Employee Benefits has found that paying people more money is the best way to keep them motivated.

The news provider’s survey found that 29 per cent of people believe that financial benefits are the best way to motivate people, while 25 per cent felt that offering holiday purchase was the best way to keep staff engaged.

Meanwhile, 22 per cent said that they believed health and wellbeing benefits were among those most welcomed by workers.

This supports a recent study carried out by HR management software provider ADP, which found that 47 per cent of people believe remuneration is the most effective way to motivate them.

The firm questioned workers from all over Europe, with 22 per cent revealing that having a good work-life balance was the most important thing for them.

According to the ADP survey, men are more motivated by money than women, with 50 per cent of men stating that this is what drives them, as opposed to 45 per cent of women. 

However, there are a host of ways in which you can help keep your staff engaged, with research published earlier this year by breatheHR revealing that working to improve your company culture could not only make people more likely to stay in your employment, but also make everyone more productive.

The study found that bad company culture currently costs the UK £23.6 billion per year.

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