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Do We Need To Rethink Recruitment For A Digital Age?

Apr 25, 2018

It’s no secret that technology has changed considerably in the last decade and that it’s revolutionised the way businesses operate, and the way in which people can work.

But when you’re looking for new employees to join your team, how much emphasis do you place on tech-specific qualifications? According to City AM, this approach to recruitment means that many businesses are missing out on some of the best digital talent.

Writing for the news provider, Tom Ellis, client partnerships director at Livity, explained that the young people seeking employment now are the first digital natives entering the jobs market. This means that many have the right skills for a range of science, technology engineering and maths (STEM) jobs, but may not have official qualifications.

“Much of their digital knowledge doesn’t come from the classroom, and the biggest mistake we could make is to reject them based on their lack of educational STEM qualifications,” he asserted.

He highlighted a change made by EY to remove academic qualifications from its entry requirements, noting that just 18 per cent of the applicants in 2017 would have been eligible under its previous rules.

Changing their approach is essential if firms really do want to attract the best digital talent to their organisation, Mr Ellis noted.

Another area that businesses should look at its their company culture, after research by breatheHR recently revealed that 34 per cent of employees had left a job because of bad company culture.

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