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Developing Creativity In Your Business

Mar 22, 2018

At Gladman, we believe that creativity is the foundation of innovation which in turn can support the long-term sustainability of a business. In this article, we shall be outlining some techniques to foster team-based creativity and developing an atmosphere conducive to innovation.

1. Stimulate Team Creativity

A brainstorming session involves the input of the whole team towards solving problems. For an effective session it is important to appoint someone to lead the discussion. The leader must:

  • provide the framework for reflection, so ideas do not scatter and go off topic.
  • control timing, to allow participants to structure their reflections and be more effective. The Pomodoro Technique is an effective time management method for fast brainstorming activities. The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks.

Two phases of reflection are necessary. The first is vast, exploring a whole host of problems and opportunities and the second refines the search for ideas. A brainstorming session is also a way to create links and cohesion in a team.

It is important that a brainstorming task be a pleasant activity. The input requested at the end of the brainstorming could be varied or humorous:

  • in the form of a video presentation
  • in the form of a team oral
  • in the form of a writing with constraints (number of words, poem, funny story ...)

2. Stimulate creativity in a recurring way

Creativity is like doing exercise, the more we make it work the easier the exercise will become. Here are two ways to exercise your creativity:

  • Ask your team(s) for one idea/improvement that could be introduced within the company every week.
  • Organize "smart lunches" to discuss an interesting news story.

These could be initiated by a email with a brief idea on the topic: business, HR, internal events etc.. allowing everyone to think individually. It also allows the freedom to look at the work of others, and understand them better.

3. Develop an atmosphere conducive to creativity

For a team to reveal their creativity it is important that the atmosphere in the workplace is favourable. A good atmosphere is derived from:

  •  a pleasant and stimulating working environment
  •  Trust and understanding within the team

Once a climate of trust is established it will be easier for a person not to restrict their creativity for fear of the judgment of others. 

After developing this climate you have to consider how to recognise the work done and reward creativity. There is no need for a reward to be significant, but small prizes/awards should suffice to please egos and encourage further work.

The term "Startup" is synonymous with agility, innovation and unique know-how. Large firms are sometimes limited by their lack of flexibility, but being a startup is about evolving in a highly competitive sphere. Gladman's offices for sale in Warrington and around the UK offer such business ventures the perfect location to realise their objectives and achieve great things with creative mindsets. For further information, contact us today!


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