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Career Progression Limited By Flexible Working

Jun 4, 2018

Many people who take advantage of flexible working patterns find that their career progression is impacted as a result.

This is the finding of a new survey by Deloitte and Timewise, which noted that this has a particular impact on women, HR Magazine reported.

The majority (92 per cent) of respondents to the questionnaire about flexible working patterns were women, and 30 per cent of them felt that their roles were viewed as less important because they worked flexibly.

What’s more, 25 per cent said that they were offered fewer opportunities for progression or promotion than those who didn’t work flexibly.

The study also makes suggestions as to what businesses can do to improve their culture to ensure that those working flexibly have the same opportunities as other members of staff.

Almost three-quarters (70 per cent) of those surveyed said that working cultures need to change to ensure people are judged on the quality of the work they do, rather than how many hours they spend in the office.

The same number also said that there needs to be more of a drive to train and recruit managers who support their team with flexible working practices.

Given that an earlier survey by Timewise found that 87 per cent of all full-time employees in the UK either already work flexibly or want to, this is clearly an issue that more businesses need to address.

Remote working could be a particularly useful way to attract a wider talent pool to your organisation and enable people to have a better work/life balance.

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