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78% Of Business Leaders Say Mental Health Affects Their Work

Oct 11, 2018

Promoting good mental health is a must for your members of staff, but you shouldn’t forget that you too are human and you too may well need support in the future in this regard.

Sadly, however, 78 per cent of business leaders of small and medium-sized companies believe that their mental health conditions are affecting their ability to work properly.

This is according to the latest Aldermore Future Attitudes study, revealing that 33 per cent of bosses at firms of this size have personally suffered from the likes of depression, anxiety or some other kind of mental health issue in the last five years.

The top five business concerns that have the biggest impact on mental health were found to be loss of business revenue or decreasing profits, key debtors not paying on time, insufficient working capital, increase in competition and issues unrelated to the business such as family or friends.

Commenting on the findings, group managing director of business finance with the lender Carl D’Ammassa said: “Due to their size and the relatively limited resources at their disposal, it is no surprise that mental health issues have a proportionally larger impact on smaller companies than larger organisations.

“Our research reveals that three-quarters of [small to medium-sized enterprise] bosses in the UK believe that there is a negative stigma surrounding mental health problems in the workplace.”

How business leaders can protect their mental health

Talking about your feelings can really help you maintain your mental health but also really help you when you face times of trouble. Regular exercise can boost your self-esteem, help you sleep and help you feel better. Avoiding alcohol and drugs is a good move, and ensuring that you eat well can also help protect your mental health.

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