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Would You Offer Term Time-Only Jobs?

Oct 6, 2017

The business landscape is constantly evolving and these days, in order to attract and retain the top talent, you need to think outside the box somewhat.

Taking a leaf out of one Glasgow-based company could be just the answer you’ve been looking for to help bring in the best people and ensure that your workforce is able to strike a good work/life balance.

According to the Herald, Pursuit Marketing has become the first company in the private sector here in the UK to offer term time-only jobs. There are now ten positions on offer and those successful in their application will be able to work from 09:30 to 14:30 during term time and they won’t be required to work during holidays.

Operations director with the company Lorraine Gray explained that productivity “soared” last year after they brought in a four-day week for staff without making pay cuts.

“Parents often feel torn between work and spending time with their children, especially during their early years, and this solution resolves that dilemma, allowing them to be at their desks during term time and at home with their children during the various school holidays,” she went on to say.

There are numerous benefits to this kind of workplace scheme – not least that term time working means people can enjoy a salary spread out equally over the year, so there’s no time when they’ll find themselves worse off financially. Other benefits include overcoming childcare difficulties and increased leisure time with kids during holidays.

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