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Workplaces Failing To Be ‘Waste-Efficient’

May 6, 2017

If your business is looking to expand or move premises then you might be interested in the offices for sale Liverpool has available. When it comes to most offices and workplaces and even our homes, it seems we’re not doing enough to be environmentally friendly with our waste.

It’s estimated that the global amount of waste produced across the world will triple by 2100 if we carry on the way we are, with an unsustainable number being recorded according to The London Economic.

Recycling and being environmentally kind at home is more recognised than in the work place with councils offering guidance to household, whereas at work the majority of people don’t do enough. In the work place the main categories of waste are food, paper and E-waste with a lot of companies not realising the huge financial loss this can incur.  It’s estimated up to 4 per cent of a business’s earnings are lost to waste.

Across the UK we dispose of around 600,000 tonnes of waste from food each year, and businesses contribute over half of the total amount of waste. Surprisingly paper waste from businesses is still a huge waste issue, with at least 10,000 pieces of paper used by each person in the workplace each year and roughly 6,800 of those are discarded as waste.

E waste which includes all electrical and electronic equipment contributes to roughly 70 per cent of toxic waste, although these do help to combat paper waste they still are a big problem in wastage. It’s hoped that businesses will realise their impact and come up with solutions to tackle the issue and reduce waste.


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