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Brits Reveal Why They Love Being Self-Employed

Mar 31, 2017

Self-employment in Britain may be more popular than ever. But that doesn’t necessarily mean working from home, and you might be interested in the best offices to let Liverpool has to offer.

Becoming self-employed is significantly on the rise in Britain with more and more people opting to take their employment into their own hands.  Across the last decade, we’ve seen close to a million Brits set themselves up as businesses, freelancers and sole traders, and a recent study found out why these people made the leap.

The study, reported by Simply Business, 1000 people aged from 18 to 44 were asked why being self-employed was so appealing to them and the results showed that the main idea that’s appealing is that of being your own boss and in charge.

It also found that 64 percent loved the idea of flexible hours and not having a boss telling you which hours you must do, believing the great thing about flexible hours is that you can choose when you take time off and if you need to work an evening to make way for something else important you can, and is a great solution to a lot of working families with children.

Taking responsibility was as a big draw for just under half the participants - with the idea of being the person to have the power of making a final decision and having the last say an important factor.

Although looked at the people who liked the idea of being in a position of authority there was a larger amount of men this was important to than women with 50% men and significantly less women at 27%. Shockingly only 16% said the idea of having extra cash being self-employed was important to them.


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