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Office Lunch Favourites Revealed

Feb 16, 2017

There aren’t many office workers in the UK who haven’t eaten lunch at their desk at some point in their career, and it seems that many of us are very unimaginative when it comes to what we choose to bring for lunch each day.

A new survey conducted by New Covent Garden Soup has revealed that the majority of office workers have the same thing for lunch every day, HR Grapevine reports.

In fact, almost three-quarters of people who work in offices have had the same lunch for over nine months, with one in six sticking to their tried-and-tested favourite for over two years.

Top of the list is ham sandwiches, with cheese sandwiches and chicken sandwiches rounding out the top three things you’ll find in office workers’ lunchboxes. Salad, baguettes, prawn cocktail sandwiches and a jacket potato with a topping were among the other lunch staples.

However, business development director at Benenden Helen Smith told the news provider that it’s important for people to take a break and get away from their desks at lunchtime.

She explained that this is “not only from an eating lunch point of view and building up energy levels, but also to refresh the mind and have time to refocus on the afternoon ahead”.

Last month, CBRE highlighted the importance of having other facilities close to office space, such as retail outlets, restaurants and leisure facilities. It found that placemaking is important, with developers increasingly expected to bring every facet of modern life together in a single area.

If you’re looking for offices to let in Warrington, try to choose a location that’s close to cafes, shops or restaurants to give your staff a bit more choice on their lunch breaks. 


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