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Boredom Revealed As Main Reason For Staff Turnover

Apr 6, 2017

If you were wondering why your staff turnover appears to have increased over the last couple of years, you might well find it’s because your employees are a little bit bored with their jobs.

New research from recruitment company Robert Half UK has just revealed that boredom is in fact the main reason for staff turnover in companies regardless of size, although bigger businesses appear to be particularly affected by this. Other issues were frustrations with the company or their current role, poor work-life balance and stagnant career prospects.

Senior managing director at the company Phil Sheridan said: “At a time where the labour market is very competitive and highly skilled employees are in short supply, organisations need to ensure they look after their staff. With the productivity agenda a high priority for business leaders, considering employee happiness and wellbeing will promote loyalty.”

So what can you do from your offices to let in Liverpool to ensure that your staff members want to stay put? Robert Half UK suggests looking at it from your employee’s point of view – what they want is to be treated fairly, appreciated by their employer, be paid well and enjoy good benefits. But they also want to be challenged and excited by what they’re being asked to do.

Establish a good employee retention strategy that addresses all such concerns but make sure you go beyond the basics, offering the training and support required to ensure that all your employees know they’re well cared for, looked after and are truly valued as a member of the team.


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