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Do You Have A Mental Health Policy At Work?

Mar 6, 2017

Mental health is increasingly in the news these days and businesses would certainly be wise to ensure there is a robust mental health policy in place at work to help support their members of staff.

New research from the Institute of Directors (IoD), however, has just revealed that while 98 per cent of business leaders state that good mental health is vital to the performance of their company just 14 per cent do have such a policy already, with fewer than one in five offering line management training.

The IoD is now calling on the government to target businesses of all sizes, providing them with guidance related to mental health and how best to talk about it, as well as bringing in formal mental health policies and make sure that mental health awareness is integrated into line management training.

Director-general of the organisation Stephen Martin said: "It can be hard for small businesses in particular, who don't have large HR departments to prepare for staff dealing with mental health problems. There are already many positive schemes out there that can help these companies, but awareness is still too low. Equipping business leaders with more mental health literacy could well contribute to a real uptick in Britain's productivity - this is not an issue of welfare, but of business and commerce too."

Further research from charity Mind confirms that there is still a culture of fear and silence surrounding mental health that is proving costly to employers. Some 21 per cent of employees admitted that they had called in sick to avoid work when questioned as to how workplace stress has affected them. And 14 per cent said that they had resigned, while 42 per cent said they had thought about resigning when discussing workplace stress.

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