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15% Of Brits Want To Be Self-Employed ‘At Some Point’

Feb 21, 2017

There are scores of people in the UK who are keen to become self-employed at some point in the future, new research has revealed, with 15 per cent saying they’d like to work for themselves later down the line.

The study, compiled by lender and savings bank Aldermore, shows that four million workers in the country want to be self-employed, while 22 per cent say this has always been an ambition of theirs. What’s more, 12 per cent say they intend to make this shift in the next six months, although some are still reluctant and would need to be pushed in the form of a redundancy first (25 per cent).

The main reason that people are looking to be self-employed is the chance to earn more money (37 per cent), while others are keen to strike a better work/life balance (35 per cent).

“Taking the step to become self-employed is a brave and bold decision and we love the fact that in the UK more and more people are doing so. However, we know that whilst it can open the door to many amazing opportunities, it can be a risk, with uncertainty and financial instability from start up,” group managing director of mortgages Charles Haresnape said.

Something else to bear in mind when considering self-employment is how you plan to save for your retirement. Further research from Aegon has just revealed that 75 per cent of self-employed people do not save regularly for later on in life. And just 15 per cent of people would say they were very optimistic about having enough to live on in retirement.

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