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Have You Experienced Age Discrimination At Work?

Mar 22, 2017

If you’re above a certain age, you may well have felt yourself discriminated against in the workplace because of it, with new research from SunLife Direct revealing that four out of ten people over the age of 50 have had such issues at the office.

The study showed that the office is actually the most likely setting for age discrimination, followed by shops, while driving, in bars and eateries, and on public transport. Since turning 50, 62 per cent of those who say they have been discriminated against say they think they lost out on a job as a result, while nearly half of those questioned said they believed they’d been overlooked for promotions.

Ian Atkinson, SunLife marketing director, said: “50 is definitely not ‘old’, and with life expectancy (and retirement age) rising year on year, life after 50 certainly doesn’t mean the need to slow down or ‘take it easy’ – and more brands and businesses need to realise that.”

Of course, it might seem like a good idea to hire younger people since they may appear to represent a better investment but this might not actually be the case. For example, an older employee may make a better leader than a younger person because they have more life experience and may well have more confidence. In addition, older workers are perhaps less likely to move on to other opportunities since they’ll be more likely to be looking for stability in their job.

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