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Contracted Staff ‘Given Insufficient Notice’ Of Shifts

Jan 29, 2017

Flexible workers and the gig economy are often in the news these days, and it seems as though the labour market in the UK is increasingly becoming reliant on this kind of employees. But a national charity is now urging employers to make improvements in how they manage workers on non-standard contracts.

Citizens Advice has found that 19 per cent of employers admit they tend to give such members of staff less than 48 hours’ notice of their shifts. Interestingly, a number of employers also have practices that make it difficult for people to manage their work-life balance – 19 per cent say they don’t allow staff to specify when they can work but 22 per cent don’t let them turn down shifts. This also means that workers may not know how much they’ll be paid on a monthly basis.

Chief executive of the charity Gillian Guy said: “The world of work has changed dramatically in recent years but employment practices have not kept pace. While flexible hours work well for some people, many find that the unpredictability and short notice of shifts makes managing life around their job a huge challenge. Childcare and study are just two examples of plans where you need more than 48 hours to arrange, but for some people turning down work is simply not an option.”

The Law Society has also said this month (January 11th) that it should be assumed that those working in the gig economy have employed status and thus have rights like minimum pay and holidays, unless the employer in question can demonstrate that they do not have employed status.

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