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Businesses Offering Unusual Perks To Keep Workers, Says Study

Apr 20, 2017

One key part of retaining staff is ensuring you have the best fit office for sale Liverpool has to offer you, however, if you’re struggling to keep hold of staff, you might consider employing the trend for extra, ‘unusual’ perks being championed by many modern workplaces.

Jobs teach engine Adzuna revealed some of the most unusual perks being advertised on its website, stating the growth in these offerings are a notable trend. While cash bonuses, free lunches and trips aboard are all tried and trusted ways to attract great quality staff, the trend is seeing more employers turn to low-cost ideas to treat their staff. Here’s some of the trending perks:

Hangover days

Start-ups and tech companies are offering a day out for those who have out of office socialised a little too hard with a limited number of days off, creating a more social orientated space.

Pawternity leave

This refers to the trend for giving employees extra time off when they get a new dog, to help it settle in. This perk is particularly popular with dog-orientated companies.

Free Netflix  

While not an exorbitant monthly cost, the idea of free Netflix shows your company is engaged with what’s happening in the world right now.

Awards ceremonies

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, so offering managers the chance to attend awards ceremonies and rub shoulders with industry leaders is a great perk for ambitious employees.

Beer Fridays

Friday night drinks in the office is nothing new, but more and more workplaces are starting to offer it. The social element of the office is clearly key to attracting employees. 


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