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20 Per Cent Of Workers Want To Change Career

Oct 26, 2017

It’s no secret that most of us have days when we wish we had a different job. There are always going to be sticking points with any role, but a surprising number of us are so unhappy in our current position that we want a new career.

This is the finding of research by UK Power, which noted that 19 per cent of UK workers are dissatisfied with their career, while 25 per cent don’t like their current job.

In addition, one-quarter stated that they feel changing jobs would improve their mental wellbeing, which indicates just how stressful it can be to have a job you don’t like. The main reason for people wanting a new position is down to dissatisfaction with their day-to-day role.

This was cited by 52 per cent of people as the reason why they would like a different job. Salary was the next most-popular reason for seeking a change, while 20 per cent stated that the lack of seniority in their position upsets them.

Research published by Arch Apprentices earlier this year supports this, with the organisation noting that promotions and pay rises were both important factors in employee retention that prevented people from seeking new jobs elsewhere.

Even though many UK workers seem to know they want to change their jobs or even careers, the main reason many don’t go ahead with the change is because of a lack of funds to support a career change.

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