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Should Vaping Be Allowed In Offices?

Jul 25, 2017

Smoking has been banned in offices and enclosed public spaces in the UK for ten years now, and we’ve all long got used to the idea of not having a smoky environment to work in.

But with more and more people taking up vaping to help kick cigarettes, there are questions over whether businesses should allow the practice in their offices.

Public Health England recently highlighted the fact that e-cigarettes are not covered by the smoke-free legislation which introduced the smoking ban, and therefore that they shouldn’t be routinely banned from being used in workplaces.

According to the organisation, vaping has helped millions of people in the UK give up cigarettes, with e-cigarettes used by an estimated three million people since they came on the market a decade ago.

However, while Public Health England has said e-cigarettes shouldn’t be automatically banned under a smoke-free policy, it did say that employers should consider the fact that vapour could affect those who suffer from asthma, or be irritating for other colleagues.

In fact, City AM recently noted that Brexit could offer an opportunity for the UK to amend its regulations relating to vaping to account for the fact that these products contain no tobacco. Despite that, they are currently still regulated under the EU’s Tobacco Product Directive.

The news provider added that because of the confusion over the regulation of vaping products, public perception is becoming increasingly negative about e-cigarettes, despite the fact that they have helped so many give up smoking. 

If you’re looking for offices to let in Scarborough, you may want to check whether your landlord has any rules in place about vaping before completing your smoke-free policy. 

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