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Long Commutes ‘Affecting Health & Productivity’

May 30, 2017

Businesses operating out of offices to let in Portishead and elsewhere might want to try and limit the commutes their members of staff have to take, given new research revealing that long journeys to the office are affecting the health and productivity of employees.

The University of Cambridge, Mercer and RAND Europe study – developed by VitalityHealth – found that workers with longer commutes were 33 per cent more likely to develop depression, while 37 per cent were more likely to have greater financial worries and 12 per cent were more likely to report different dimensions of work-related stress.

What’s more, members of staff commuting for under half an hour gained an extra week’s worth of productive time a year, compared to people who had to commute for an hour or more a day.

Director of strategy at VitalityHealth Shaun Subel said: “These results demonstrate the significance of the daily work routine in influencing individuals’ health and productivity. Beyond looking at ways that the work environment can be altered to make it more conducive to improved health and wellbeing, our research suggests that employers should perhaps be looking at flexible working arrangements as a more prominent part of their workplace wellness or productivity management strategy.”

There are numerous benefits to offering flexible working at your place of business, including giving your workers convenient opportunities to meet family needs and other life responsibilities with ease. In addition, they’ll spend less money and time commuting, which will help reduce feelings of stress.

It could also be a good way of helping parents manage childcare, allowing them to spend more time at home with the kids and spending less of their pay check on nannies.


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