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Is Britain’s Job Boom Over?

Jan 5, 2018

Businesses renting offices to let in Wrexham may have been moving as part of an expansions to meet demand this year, as they take more people on.

Employment levels have been at an all-time high recently, but recent statistics reveal that this could be set to fall, or that the employment high has at least peaked.

Unemployment has fallen again according to ONS statistics released in December, but this is thought to be due to the large number of people who are now economically inactive and no longer actively looking for work.

ONS statistician Matt Hughes told The Guardian Newspaper: “Employment stayed close to its record high and while up on a year ago, declined compared with the previous three months. Unemployment also fell, but there was a rise in the number of people who were neither working nor looking for a job.”

Vacancies have remained high, and growing, showing that there is still a lot of hope for businesses and their employees.

Despite this pay is still behind inflation, meaning that in work poverty is expected to grow. The high level of employment is also thought to be masking the number of people in precarious employment, who are working on contracts or are forced into self-employment.

This is also thought to be driving down pay.

The high number of vacancies is also thought to be due to organisations struggling to fill vacancies due to skills gaps in the market. There are particular skills shortages in the agriculture, construction and IT industries. 


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