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Insights Offered Into Employee Retention

Sep 8, 2017

Once you’ve found the perfect offices for let in Scarborough you need to look at what you should be doing to keep your employees happy and motivated.

A new study of senior business leaders has revealed the main things that firms should be doing to retain employees, and top of the list was offering the opportunity for people to learn new skills.

Business Matters magazine reported on the research, conducted by Arch Apprentices, which noted that promotions and pay rises were also important for keeping staff in their roles and preventing them from seeking employment elsewhere.

Other things that keep employees happy included praise and working as part of a knowledgeable team, the research found.

Of course, while employee retention is important, companies also need to meet their business goals and many of those are tied to the productivity of staff.

Growing a business requires well-trained staff, regardless of the industry you operate in, and encouragingly 70 per cent of the business leaders surveyed said that informal training happens in the workplace at least once a month. In addition, 88 per cent of those questioned said they offered job training opportunities to their teams.

Founder of Arch Apprentices Ben Rowland commented: “It’s really positive to see that learning new skills tops the list when it comes to keeping employees engaged, beating promotions and pay rises.”

Last month an article in Virtual College highlighted the way in which training, development and management in modern workplaces has changed. The website noted that staff increasingly expect to be treated as an individual in the workplace, where their training and development is tailored to meet their needs and suit their talents and career goals. 


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