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Employees ‘Confident’ Employers Can Adapt For Brexit

May 13, 2017

Although Brexit is raising a host of concerns for employees and businesses alike, a new survey suggests that workers predominantly have faith in their employer to cope with what Brexit throws at them.

The poll, conducted by YouGov on behalf of Law firm Pinsent Masons, revealed that 64 per cent of workers believe there is a realistic chance of an economic downturn in the coming three years, with 57 per cent saying they are confident that their employer can deal with such a dip.

However, just over one-third of those questioned said that there is a chance they could lose their job as a result of Brexit, while nearly two-thirds stated that they knew someone whose job could be under threat due to the UK leaving the EU. 

Guy Lougher, EU expert at Pinsent Masons, commented: “On the whole the UK workforce is demonstrating resilience, anticipating a downturn but retaining a level of confidence in their employers.”

However, he stressed that businesses need to start planning for Brexit, despite the inherent difficulties in doing so at this stage. Communicating those plans is also crucial, Mr Lougher noted.

This is borne out by the survey results, which revealed that those who work for companies that have been open about their plans around Brexit are more confident about the future than those who have had little information from their employer about how they plan to handle the transition.

Writing for Management Today, Dr Andrew White recently stressed that firms shouldn’t wait until after the forthcoming general election to start making plans and looking for new opportunities that can come out of the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

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