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Do You Believe Young People Are Ready For The Workplace?

Sep 18, 2017

Developing the skills you need for the workplace is about more than simply achieving academically, and honing those soft skills that employers require can be a challenge for young people nowadays.

A survey by the EY Foundation - a charity that helps young people from disadvantaged backgrounds make the leap from academia to the world of work - found that 84 per cent of small businesses in the UK believe that skills such as problem solving, team work, communicating and resilience, are just as important, if not more so, than academic results.

But another survey by the charity found that many young people believe they are lacking these skills. Just 25 per cent of 16 to 21 year olds believe they are good at communicating, while just 15 per cent say they are good at presenting.

The foundation has just launched its School to Work campaign, which is designed to help more educational establishments include these non-technical employability skills in the curriculum.

Duncan McCombe, a co-chair of the National Youth Panel, said that these skills are “so badly needed” to prepare young people for what lies ahead. “As soon as we step off the path [of the education system] suddenly we’re on our own with no skills to succeed,” he stated.

Whether you work in offices to let in Scarborough or Merseyside, you’ll want to make sure the people you employ, regardless of their age, have the skills you require in your business.

However, the Telegraph recently reported on a warning from the World Economic Forum that employers aren’t using their employees’ skills effectively. According to the organisation, the UK ranks 51st in the world in terms of the return on investment it gets from its education system. 


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