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Could 'Hyperloop' Be Better For Liverpool Business Than HS2?

Sep 1, 2017

The Liverpool business economy is set to be one of the hubs to benefit from the HS2 high-speed railway scheme, but one think tank believes another innovation could be better.

The Liverpool Echo reported that Policy North is urging the government to scrap HS2 - which it believes is wasting investment on "yesterday's technology to meet tomorrow's transport needs" - in favour of Hyperloop pods, which travel up to 740 miles per hour.

Hyperloop pods are shot through a vacuum using magnet technology with zero air resistance or friction, and in theory could deliver a passenger from London to Liverpool in just 30 minutes or less.

Pioneered by Elon Musk, the US entrepreneur, the futuristic technology could be fully functioning in the UK in just a few years if the land secured for the HS2 railway lines is given over to Hyperloop.

Policy North president David Harrison was quoted by the newspaper as saying: "The government must stop trying to deliver our future transport infrastructure with technology that will already be out-dated by the time HS2 is operational.

"We must be more ambitious and embrace the technological advances available. Hyperloop mirrors the opportunity faced by Victorians when Britain pioneered the leap from horse-drawn barges to railways that shaped the world."

Liverpool has been stating its case for becoming a pioneer in the modern British business landscape. Recently, the Northern City of Culture pushed for Channel Four to move its operations to the city, emulating the recent relocation of some BBC broadcasting to Salford.

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